What is the SpiritHouse Project?

The SpiritHouse ProjectThe SpiritHouse Project is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that uses the arts, research, education, action, and spirituality to bring diverse peoples together to work for racial, economic, and social justice, as well as for spiritual maturity.

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Who We AreWho We Are

We are an intergenerational network of diverse people who work for racial and social justice.

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In November 2015, SpiritHouse was awarded the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. This award recognizes those working in the United States in the tradition of Dr. King, making significant contributions to the furtherance of his non-violent approach to transforming racial, economic, and social injustices.

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our work today

Breaking The Silence on Modern-Day Lynching
A report issued by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement said that one black man is killed in America every 36 hours. Although the crime rate in the United States is going down, the percentage of police shootings is increasing... and the disturbing fact is that the white police are shooting black, unarmed victims.

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N. Gordon Cosby, Susan K. SmithN. Gordon Cosby Seasoned Voices Fellowship
Created in Fall 2013, in honor of the late N. Gordon Cosby, the founder and spiritual director of the Church of the Saviour community in Washington, D.C.
Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith has been named our First Seasoned Voice Fellow. She is a seasoned voice of 58 years, who served more than 22 years as a pastor of a UCC church in Columbus, Ohio.

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Jonathan Daniels & Samuel YoungeJonathan Daniels & Samuel Younge Institute
Named after two Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) activists who were murdered during the Southern Freedom Movement. Through the Institute, SpiritHouse supports and prepares a new generation of activists to work on racial justice and its interlocking connections.

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SisterAll - Soul Force for Social ChangeSisterAll: Soul Force For Social Change
Renewing the work of Black women as powerful and dedicated racial justice workers who brought us through the violent and oppressive days of segregation. SisterAll returns us to a powerful legacy and tradition of organizing across our differences for the common good and liberation of our communities.

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stop the war on our children™  •  march 18, 2016

Join a delegation of 300 black women standing in a day of action for black children!

In schools and in the street, very powerful people profile, bully, criminalize, manhandle, and murder our children! We have been too silent for too long, and our children have had to face these assaults without the power of a community along with them. We demand that the country see our children as investments, not thugs.

This must stop! We say Stop The War On Our Children™! We need you!

► Who: A Delegation of 300 BLACK WOMEN
► What: A Day of Action for BLACK CHILDREN
► When: March 18, 2016
► Where: Washington, D.C.
► What You Can Do: Become an Organizer and a Participant! Bring a delegation of ten women to D.C. to stand with us!
► Contact: Ruby Sales, SpiritHouse Project, at 404-228-7794 or info@spirithouseproject.org to become an Organizer, Endorser and/or Delegate.

Read our demands.

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Breaking the Silence on Modern-Day Lynching
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